If you cannot enroll, you can send us an email at info@sfhmmy.gr in order to enroll you ourselves.

At the conference undergraduate students, postgraduate students and researchers of the field have the right to participate by handing an assignment.

To submit a paper, you have to be registered at the conference. Once you have registered, press "DASHBOARD" (under the user icon) and "ADD PAPER".

The paper submission deadline will be announced soon.

To present a paper, you have to be registered at the conference and then submit your paper for evaluation. After the evaluation by a Scientific Commision , you will be informed if your paper is appropriate for presentation.

The paper and the demos you submit should have a specific size and format. More information about the format, the size, the structure and the submission you can find at announcements of the conference.

To find out what stage the assessment of your paper is about, just send us an email at academics@sfhmmy.gr or you can check through the conference website after logging in to your account.

In case you have any problem with the submission of your paper or for any other question, send us an email at academics@sfhmmy.gr.